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Tiffany McIntosh, an Ohio native, is a Texas resident after receiving divine inspiration one day while in a pit of despair, she held in her heart the idea of writing a book and maintained faith that one day she would be in a position to publish it. 

It was in 2010 that she penned her first words and, despite losing the manuscript, nine years later released FROM THE PIT TO THE PALACE. Born in the small town of Akron, Tiffany was raised by a single mother along with her two younger brothers. She graduated from Firestone High School and attended college at the University of Akron. After leaving college, McIntosh worked a few dead-end jobs until she met someone who introduced her to the industry of network marketing.  

This is the field and platform through which she eventually met her amazing husband, Calvin McIntosh. The couple has five wonderful children and four awesome grandchildren. The founder of the women & empowerment group “6 Figure Chics,” Tiffany is dedicated to helping women around the globe know their purpose and to empowering them to be who God called them to be!


She is also a  multiple six-figure income earner and top leader in her company, with teams in several countries (the largest being in the United Kingdom). Tiffany is also the CEO of Paradise Travel LLC, Limitless Financial Services, C&T Logistics,  Tiffany is also part owner of Sacred Kingdom Clothing Company – a Christian clothing line. Her family now resides outside Houston, Texas, but are touching lives globally.


Tiffany’s upcoming projects include motivational speaking engagements around the world to help troubled teen girls and women find their purpose. Tiffany has also started a group for teens. Further, she plans to help thousands of families become financially free by showing them how to start their own business and grow their brand. She said she will travel to other parts of the world to help women in general as well.


In what can be considered as her spare time, Tiffany enjoys watching movies, going to amusement parks, playing board games, and traveling. She especially loves spending time with her family.

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